" After nearly a year of collaboration with DPMI company, we are fully satisfied by the quality of work brought by this company in terms of management and the relevance
                                  of answers brought to all our questions. The reports of tests carried out on our package leaflets are very complete and were received within the allotted time, which enabled
                                 us to present them in time to our authorities. Without forgetting the excellent value for money offered by this company...to be recommended."
                                 (A.ELMENIF ALTER, Pharmaceutical company.)


                                " DPMI company was selected on the basis of its competitive rates and of the professionalism felt during different appraisals. The complete process has been carried out up to
                                 now about two package leaflets. Throughout the process, our chief interlocutor M. Savoldelli, Managing Director of DPMI, showed himself available, qualified and quick in his
                                 actions. Every proposition of modification was detailed and justified. A constructive dialogue was built and our various claims and points of view were taken into account and
                                 debated. The latest report describing the results of the tests is well set out. The conclusions and comments about the readability of the package leaflet are clear and precise."
                                (A. Galland - ALKOPHARMA, Pharmaceutical company).








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