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The courses offered by DPMI give answers to the following questions :

- which are the main factors that make written communication effective?
- what are the advantages of using schedules and pictograms in a Patient Information Leaflet?

- how can the readability of a document be measured?

- how are the regulatory aspects concerning readability tests?
- in which cases can bridging be applied?


                     DPMI will kindly provide answers to all of your questions about readability
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- is my product concerned in readability testing?
- where and when should I submit my consultation report of the target patient group?
- do I have remake a readability test if the leaflet of my product has been modified?
- I have submitted a modification request of the SmPC, and I have to submit the results
of the readability test soon: On which version of the leaflet should I conduct the test?
-can I use the results of a test conducted on another product in my portfolio?


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